Allergy Elimination

Eggs, Milk and Dairy are some common food allergies, as well as Lactose intolerance, Grain & Gluten sensitivities, issues with Seasonal allergies flaring up, or even environmental toxins or toxicities such as mold exposure. Other allergies may include sensitivities to, or the lack of absorption of vital nutrients such as B vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Calcium and more. Through sessions with the IMAET, a quantum biofeedback "Immune Modulation & Allergy Elimination Technology", these allergies and imbalances can be eliminated. Allergy Elimination sessions with the IMAET are great for adults and children. If childhood allergies can be resolved while children are young, they won't have to endure the consequences of poor health that allergies and sensitivities often bring.

It is well known that our genetics - our DNA - are the building blocks of our bodies. We also know that through exposure to toxins, pathogens, or circumstances that are less than optimal, our dna expression can be damaged or changed. This is called Epigenetic Expression. We may have a very healthy genome, but when it changes expression due to any number of irritants, it cannot be read properly by our bodies anymore, and thus instead of health and wellness, we start experiencing allergies, or sickness and ill health.

Using a Quantum Biofeedback software technology – the IMAET system, we can check for immune responses to foods, products or irritants, and focus the body on fixing these genetic mutations. IMAET stands for "Immune Modulation & Allergy Elimination Technology". Through this communication with the body, coaching it with an energy balancing technique, the body can modulate and de-stress metabolic errors, restoring health throughout the body. With this method of communicating with the body's biofield, our bodies can begin to see and focus the immune system on things that need to be modulated, eliminating allergies and all the negative symptoms they bring.

If you have something simple like true Lactose Intolerance, this will usually take only a single IMAET session for your body to correct. Although this is very convenient, I don't ever recommend only a single session with the IMAET, as there are so many epigenetic expressions to correct that you may not be aware of until you become severely ill. At that point, it will likely take more time, effort and diligence to resolve. It would be optimal if you could commit to cleaning up your genetic expression for optimal health and wellness before it starts expressing itself in ill health.

The  IMAET Bio-Energetics - 10 Session Package is what I recommend as a great place to start for those who want to be pro-active in their health, and also for those who do have allergies or illness and need to work through several sessions with the IMAET.

During these sessions we will take the time to see what your body is not absorbing and utilizing properly, or what you may be allergic or reacting to. The IMAET will identify these imbalances and your body can then start seeing and concentrating it's efforts on harmonizing these nutrients correctly, carrying the necessary vitamins, minerals, hormones and all the natural components the body needs into the proper places for optimal health and wellness. We can also focus the body on dealing with any pathogens that come up, before they become a detriment to your health. Or if you are already experiencing symptoms, the body can begin to resolve these issues as it is dealing with these infections.

To learn more about how the IMAET works go to the Bioenergetics - IMAET page

The IMAET Biofeedback device is a Class II medical device, registered with the FDA and used by practitioners throughout the world.

All appointments are done over the phone, from the comfort of your own home.